Make the Switch to LED Lighting


Do you need lots of light working long hours but you don’t need the big power bills? Now there’s a choice. We can give you bright lights and small bills. Some of our clients have saved 71% on their energy usage.

Our complete lighting upgrade service will match or improve your current lighting levels and save you time and money. We take care of all the details so you can start saving sooner.


Lighting is the single biggest energy consumer in most households and responsible for more than 30% of the average households energy usage. Installing LED downlights can reduce that energy impact. The lighting you choose for your home doesn’t only affect the ambience – it can make a significant impact on your carbon footprint and your wallet too.

While it may seem like a more expensive option initially, having LED downlights installed can offer considerable savings and is an investment that you make once. Having these energy efficient lights installed in your home can slash your energy usage in home lighting by 80%.

LED light bulbs will last 15 times longer than the average halogen downlight, giving you up to 20 years of lighting in your living room, kitchen or bathroom without the need to change a light bulb.

We offer a full range of LED Lighting Upgrades

No matter what your lighting needs are, we can offer you numerous energy alternatives to ensure ongoing yearly savings. We will help you with your choice of fixtures and designs. LED lights are sophisticated devices and quality components will create reliability and efficient high performance. Your business may be eligible for the government Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) through an upgrade package.

  • High Efficiency
  • Warm to bright colours
  • Long life – up to 20 years
  • Eliminates hot spots
  • Low energy usage
  • Choose your design to suit your home or business
  • Quality workmanship and warranty

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